Proposing each time a different topic for discussion and a thematic aesthetic, Elephant’s Events creates engaging experiences where the works of different artists meet the public, enabling creative collaborations and growing the passion for the arts.

The ethos of every project echoes the efforts of Elephant’s Events to provide a welcoming place for everyone by dismantling the exclusive and inaccessible aura that often permeates gallery spaces.

We work intending to build safe spaces, where artistic experiences and collaborations are unified to create an accessible and inclusive environment for both public and creatives.



[art / event manager]

Maddalena has a BA degree in Art Curation and is currently committed in the production of art exhibitions and creative events with focus on emerging artists from allover practices.

She also works as writer and press officer for a contemporary art magazine, showcasing artists through interviews, articles and essays.


[art / event manager]

Anna has a BA degree in Event Management with experience and commitment in the organisation of events of various natures.

She is passionate about creating authentic and contemporary events in which people can discuss controversial concepts through the help of art. Her mission is to create multidimensional events to support emerging artists and creatives.


[graphic designer]

Ambra is a Graphic Designer, her background covers both traditional, and digital media. Her works are especially focused
on customers’ visual identity that embraces various fields. She also collaborates with non-profit associations in art & culture.

Her strength is being able to combine strategies and aesthetic resolutions with a stylistic and functional quest relevant to the context.


[web developer]

Karina is a UX/UI Web Designer and Full-stack Developer based in London. She started her career working with programming languages such as HTLM5, CSS, and JavaScript always focusing
on user experience and attention to detail.

At present, she is working alongside young creatives and emerging cultural press to promote innovative forms of art and communication all over the web.